Oliver S. Shanelle's Story   


Weight Improvement: 60 lbs
Percent Improvement: 26%
Cash Rewards: $296

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Current Energy Level

It is truly indescribable. I feel more amazing than I ever have and after a workout have so much energy. I never knew that this side of me was there.

Favorite Thing About the Program

I like the motivational emails that we get from incentaHEALTH. It is so nice to have reminder emails as to why am I doing this, how to stay on track, how to keep my focus, and what to do (if I need help with diets/workouts). I also think it is cool to be able to track the progress in the pictures at the scale.

Hardest Change to Make

For me, making the time to be healthier and focus on myself has been the hardest change to make. I have always put others above myself and finally realized that I needed to put myself first. If that meant spending more money on groceries to buy healthier foods, so be it. If that meant taking a little time for myself after work or at night for the gym, then I reminded myself that I am worth it.

60 lb Improvement

Then: 233 lbs.

Now: 167 lbs.

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