A Healthier Way to Vacation


When you think of vacation, usually you think of relaxation, adventure, and a chance to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Typically, eating right and exercising is not the first thing that comes to mind. But, you can still focus on healthy eating and active living while on vacation without feeling like you’re missing out on the full experience of what vacation is.

Plan Your Vacation Around Activity

Sand volleyball, swimming, golfing and walking around site seeing are all easy and fun to do during a vacation. When you are having fun, you are more likely to participate in those activities and less likely to think that you are actually exercising. Plan your days with something active and adventurous in between all of the lounging and eating that can happen.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Whether you’re driving or flying, snacks tend to be expensive and limited to unhealthy options. Most airports have increased prices on food and vending machines leave you with choosing between cookie and chips. Bringing your own snacks helps you to be prepared to tackle on those cravings and hunger pains that happen with long layovers and traveling. Bring fresh fruits or cut up vegetables, pretzels or air popped popcorn along and you can actually save money.

Fill Up on Healthy Foods First at the Buffet

Walk around the buffet once to pick out all of the healthy options you have. Focus on getting plenty of fresh fruits, greens, and lean protein sources first to help fill you up before indulging in some of the treat foods. Then, if you are forced to eat some lesser healthy options throughout the day, you will have at least eaten plenty of produce and fiber beforehand.

Treat Yourself

Choose your splurges wisely, but do allow for some splurges—I mean it is a vacation! Consider your favorite things and enjoy them, but pass on the things you can easily get at home that add extra calories. For instance, pop and bread at dinner are things we easily come by every day but fancy desserts or a cities signature food is hard to duplicate.

Unplug and Unwind

These days, it’s harder than ever to put down our phones and unplug from all the technology we are around every day. The point of a vacation is to eliminate stress and steer clear of work in order for your brain to fully relax. Try your hardest to resist the temptation of checking on your emails and always having your phone around. Leave your phone in the hotel room 1 day and bring a disposable camera to still capture all the memories.

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