Female tourists are enjoying the forest.

Exploring the Outstanding Outdoors

We are surrounded by National Parks and other exquisite destinations with miles of countless adventures just waiting for us! Are you looking to save on a monthly gym membership by spicing up your daily exercise routine this summer? If so, I challenge you to start thinking about moving your favorite indoor activities to the outdoors this summer. By doing so, you can also incorporate a greater amount of active outdoor family and friend time on the weekends!

Outdoor Benefits

Think about the activities you enjoy doing indoors and think about how you can move the activity outdoors for a greater terrain variety and challenges, less time driving to the gym every day and even a larger increase in endorphin levels from Vitamin D.  Our bodies need the “sunshine vitamin” because we don’t produce it naturally. Did you know that as little as twenty minutes outside is enough exposure for an average adult? When you are Vitamin D deficient then you might suffer from a slight depression. However, when you combine physical movement and a safe exposer to sunlight, then you have an automatic recipe for happiness.

If you enjoy walking then try a few beginner hikes in your local area. If you enjoy being in the water then try paddle boarding, kayaking and rafting. Even if you are a winter sport snowboarder you can keep the same stance and try wakeboarding or go sandboarding.

Active Social Time with Friends and Family

Also, outdoor activities are a great way stay active with your family and friends on the weekends.  If you enjoy having your own time to dedicate to your workouts during the busy work week, then I am not saying to give that time up. However, try getting your family and friends on board with you during the weekends. You won’t ever have to hear the phrase “I’m bored” from your kids again. In fact, they might replace any whining with silent napping on the way home. Win for them, win for you!

If you want to get a group of friends or family together for a reunion then why not go camping at a National Park this year? There can be something for all ages and activity levels! Plus, if you have tech-savvy teenagers, this is a great way to encourage them to take a break from away from technology channels and spend quality time with the family.

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