Individual Success

Melody W., Colorado

Lost 55 lbs., 19% weight reduction, $75


” In the fifth grade I was in a size 18W. I have literally struggled with weight my entire life. I am currently in a size 14 to 16. This feeling is better than any cheeseburger!”

Phillip B., Arkansas

Lost 45 lbs., 19% weight reduction, $90


” The same bad behaviors that gradually created the weight gain were replaced with healthy habits. You don’t have to support a complicated exercise plan or fad diet to see a difference.”

Kenny M., California

Lost 29 lbs., 15% weight reduction, $60


“I didn’t have energy to play with my daughter and my clothes didn’t fit anymore. I reached my breaking point when I weighed more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant. I feel so much younger now, energized and great!”


Jacqueline C., California

Lost 40 lbs., 16% weight reduction, $105


“The motivational text messages kept me going. They also provided yummy recipe ideas. It helped me understand that even a short time spent exercising is better than none. I love the team challenges.”