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1. How much does it cost?
  The program is free to all qualifying employees (refer to the Terms and Conditions) . The program includes the following tools:
    a. Daily and optional Weekly email coaching
b. Phone and email access to personal trainers
c. 24/7 access to online health guide
d. Online success journal
e. Online progress report
2. How long is the program?
  The program lasts a minimum of one year in duration. The key to achieving lasting results is to replace your current habits with new, healthy habits. The one year duration of the program is key to making sure you succeed!
3. How much weight should I expect to lose?
  You should plan on losing one to two pounds each week. That may seem slower than other programs, but there's a reason for it. By taking the weight off slowly through healthy eating and consistent exercise, you are more likely to keep it off. You didn't gain your extra weight in one sudden step, and you're not going to lose it all at once either. Slow and steady progress will lead to lasting results!
4. What makes this program different from other programs?
  Most programs focus on losing weight. With incentaHEALTH, we focus on building health and fitness, where one component is weight loss. This difference is important. By focusing on creating a set of powerful habits around being healthy, you are creating a situation where you can continue being healthy for years to come. If you just focus on losing weight, you will initially succeed, but you probably won't have an approach that you can live with. incentaHEALTH brings about lasting weight loss through the development of a new set of powerful habits.
  By combining daily email coaching, a 24/7 online health guide,  email and phone access to fitness professionals,  and cash incentives for success,you have a one-of-a-kind health and fitness solution!
5. Can I cancel at any time?
  Yes you can. Just contact us at info@incentahealth.com or (303) 694-8007 and we will be happy to stop your membership.
6. Is my information private?
  Yes. Only you have access to your information.
7. What do I need to do before starting the program?
  Once you join, you will receive a welcome letter with your private USERNAME and PASSWORD for accessing your online coaching tools. Familiarize yourself with the items in this letter and the online health guide. Once your program begins, you will start performing the exercises and following the meal planning ideas. As you become familiar with these items, please consult the online guide for detailed instructions. You are also encouraged to contact the fitness professionals at incentaHEALTH by email at personal.trainer@incentahealth.com or by phone at (303) 694-8007.
8. When will I receive my daily email coaching?
  In general, you will receive your email coaching at 3:00 AM one day in advance. So on Tuesday at 3:00 AM you will receive your email coaching for Wednesday. We set it up this way so that you can plan for the day ahead, not only with your exercises, but also with your menu.
  The system will automatically set your new membership to begin on the upcoming Monday, but you can select a different start day if you would like (your start day must be a Monday.)
  Here is a summary of the email delivery schedule:
Day of Week Email Delivered On
Monday Sunday at 3:00 AM
Tuesday Monday at 3:00 AM
Wednesday Tuesday at 3:00 AM
Thursday Wednesday at 3:00 AM
Friday Thursday at 3:00 AM
Saturday Friday at 3:00 AM
Sunday Saturday at 3:00 AM
9. As a family participant, will I be eligible to receive incentives for my weight improvement? 
  No, only employees of Southwest Power Pool will be eligible to receive incentives for weight improvement. 
1. What if I don't have access to a gym?
  We recommend that you purchase a resistance band kit. It contains everything you need to do your strength exercises in the comfort of your home. For your cardio exercises, there are numerous alternatives that don't require a gym:
    a. Climb stairs
b. Take a walk
c. Stationary exercises (jumping jacks, jumping rope, etc.)
d. Go for a jog
e. Bike riding
f. Rollerblading
  Also remember that exercising doesn't have to be a "once a day" event. It can become a way of going about your day. Consider:
    a. Parking your car farther from the door to your office
b. Taking the stairs whenever possible
c. Using a hand basket to carry groceries as you shop
d. Take the family for a walk after dinner
e. Walk your dog
f. Work on your posture as you sit or stand at work
2. What if I am new to exercising?
  If you are new to exercise, you should definitely register for the Foundation program. We take a crawl, walk, run approach to slowly acclimating your body to being more active. And since we're taking a long, slow journey to get there over 12 months, don't worry about rushing things!
3. What if I don't have time to work out?
  Make your health a priority and design it into your day. Carry a note pad with you tomorrow and write down everything you do, no matter how trivial it is. Most people are surprised to discover the things they spend time on. When you list it out, you'll be able to identify a few possibilities for squeezing in some exercise. You can also break up your exercise throughout the day. Take three 15-minute walks instead of a 45-minute session.
4. What if I am recovering from an injury?
  You definitely need to consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program. You can show them the exercises that you will be performing and they can advise you on the best way to proceed.
5. I have a question about a specific exercise.
  You will find complete descriptions and video demonstrations of all exercises on our online health guide. Just login to your account and click on the Coaching Tools button. You can also contact our fitness professionals at personal.trainer@incentahealth.com or by phone at (303) 694-8007.
6. Can I substitute one exercise for another?

Yes, you can. The key is that you exercise each of the major muscle groups so you develop gradual muscle tone throughout your body. This lean muscle mass will make you look great and will burn calories each day! (five pounds of muscle burns 250 calories per day!) In the online health guide you can click on each muscle group in the list and see alternatives.


7. Can family participants receive incentives?

No, only employees of Southwest Power Pool.


1. What is a Fitbit?
  The Fitbit is a wireless device that tracks everyday activity like steps, distance, calories, stairs climbed, and active minutes. You can log your food with Fitbit's online tools and mobile apps to get a more complete view of your health and fitness. You can even measure how long and how well you sleep. Click HERE for more information about the Fitbit.
2. How do I link my Fitbit?

Simple! Follow the steps below to set up your Fitbit.com account and then link your Fitbit account to incentaHEALTH.


*Please note, if you are linking a Fitbit for more than one individual on the same computer, then please make sure to LOGOUT of your incentaHEALTH account AND Fitbit account before linking the second individuals Fitbit.


Step 1: Set up Fitbit Device with Fitbit.com

Go to http://www.fitbit.com/setup and download the free software setup wizard. If you are on a Mac, open the dmg file. If it doesn't appear on your desktop, search for "Fitbit Connect" in Spotlight. If you are on a PC, run the .exe file from your download location. If it doesn't appear on your desktop, search for "Fitbit Connect" in the Start menu.  

Once the download has completed, open the file and begin to follow the onscreen steps to set up your Fitbit with Fitbit.com. You will create a Fitbit account with an email address and password, so make sure you remember this information.


Step 2: Link your Fitbit with incentaHEALTH

Login to your incentaHEALTH account. Select “Settings” in the top blue toolbar, and then “Fitbit” Select ‘Click here to link your Fitbit to incentaHEALTH”. Enter the email address and password you used above to set up your Fitbit with Fitbit.com. Then, select “allow” for the information to be linked to your incentaHEALTH account.

3. Why is my Fitbit data not showing up on my incentaHEALTH account?

IncentaHEALTH mirrors activity data from your Fitbit.com account. Please keep in mind, only authenticated data is downloaded from your Fitbit account to our system and all information is kept private and is securely stored. Authenticated data refers to true data specifically reflected from the Fitbit device itself and not manually entered information on the Fitbit.com website. If your Fitbit data on the Fitbit.com website doesn't match the incentaHEALTH website, then please contact us.If the Fitbit website is not updating your Fitbit activities, then please click HERE

4. I need help with my Fitbit device. 

Visit HERE for many helpful articles of all Fitbit products. You can also email personal.trainer@incentaHEALTH.com . However, we are not experts on all Fitbit issues and it might be helpful to first visit the Fitbit help website.  

1. Why do my meal plan have me eating so often?

By feeding your body with nutritional foods you keep your energy levels up and your appetite in check. When you eat infrequently, you body starts to hoard fat since fat contains a lot of calories and your body doesn't want to starve. Additionally, by eating more frequently, you will be more in control when you sit down for lunch and dinner, allowing you to choose the higher quality foods and realistic portion sizes.


2. What if I don't have time to eat the mid-meal snacks?


The mid-meal snacks are crucial! It shouldn't take any extra time for the mid-meal snacks. Choose small, easy items like a protein bar, an apple and string cheese, etc. that you can keep in your backpack and eat at your desk, in your car, in the elevator, etc. These mid-meal snacks shouldn't be sit-down meals that take a lot of time.


3. What if I'm not hungry in the morning?


Eat something small, even if you're not hungry. If you're not hungry, then it should be even easier to eat the right foods, since you are not craving anything specific! Breakfast is key for getting your body used to regularly spaced meals. And if you work out in the morning, you really need to refuel your body so your muscles can recover after a workout.


4. Are the healthy foods more expensive?


No, they are not. This is a great excuse people provide. Most natural foods are even less expensive than a lot of the junk foods!


5. What if I am a vegetarian?


The same logic still applies. Combine a portion of protein and carb for each meal. In this case, the protein isn't going to be meat-based. Look for nuts, beans, grains, leafy green veggies, seeds, etc. There are also some great soy-based protein sources from companies like Morning Star Farms, Boca Burger, etc. If you consume dairy products, eat eggs, cheese, milk and yogurt.


6. Why should I drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day?


Many of us are chronically dehydrated. This can actually cause your body to retain water! By drinking plenty of water each day, you may end up shedding some of this water weight! In addition, you will feel more full, you will help flush toxins from your body, and you you'll probably feel better! Also, you will be working out more and this will result in your body losing even more moisture, so be sure to drink up! Water is definitely your friend when trying to improve your health.


7. What about the low carb diets?


There are many diets out there. One common theme with some of the fad diets is that they are unsustainable. You can lose weight following just about any approach; the trick is to find a way that is safe and sustainable. Having your physician supervise your progress makes our program safe. Taking a long range view and working on building new habit is what makes incentaHEALTH sustainable. As you go down the road of improving your health, we encourage you to keep an eye on the other programs you encounter. As you learn more and more about what it takes to live a healthy and balanced life, you will be able to spot the common diet flaws yourself!


1. Can I use any email address for my daily coaching?

Yes, you can. You can even provide two email addresses if you would like. This is useful if you have one email address you check while at work, and another that you check while at home.


2. I can't see the images in my email.


Some email readers don't support graphics. If this is the case, you can copy the URL address from the top of the message and paste it into your web browser (such as Internet Explorer or AOL) and you can then view your email. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with this.


3. Can you resend me a previous day's email?


Yes, we can resend any missed day. Just let us know!


4. I forgot my password.


When you go to login to the website, you will see an area where you can enter your email address and the system will automatically send you the password. You can also call us at (303) 694-8007 if you are still having trouble.


5. How do I change my email address?


Just login to your account, click on Settings and then on Profile. You can also call one of our advisors for assistance over the phone.


6. How do I change my password?


Just login to your account, click on Settings and then on Profile. You can also call one of our advisors for assistance over the phone.


7. Can I call and talk to a live person?


Of course! Please call (303) 694-8007 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST Monday through Friday and we can answer any of your questions. If we are busy or on the other line, then please leave a detailed message for us to contact you.